from functional Drinks in the midst of the time of climate change, Kristian Teofilovic (nickname Kiko), (bartender since 1996) together with partner Boba, (graphic designer) & son Damjan, 10, (idea provider) founded "Pocket Cocktails" in mid-2018.


The three of them developed a packaging and marketing solution to be able to offer cocktails in a simple, convenient form open air.

Extremely light, recyclable bags with organic drinking straw and closure and a specially designed filling system as well as a unique marketing and sales concept are the core of the company.


On June 20, 2018, they launched the original pocket cocktails in Austria. With the First Full Equipped American Bar Waggon, they initially went open air with their colorful drinks.


A completely new product category - the "Pocket Cocktails" - was born. With the associated equipment, take-away cocktails can be staged perfectly during preparation and are the perfect take-away drink due to their function and appearance. So far, nobody had dared to market the top class of drinks, the cocktails, authentically for everyone as a take-away solution.

With pocket cocktails, a bar can infinitely increase its sales possibilities and reach because the bags are branded with their logo and Pocket Cocktails are reserved only for selected high-end bars. This also gives the consumer a quality feature and recognition of the quality.


"We have the vision of a cocktail brand which should inspire all people in terms of taste, visual and, above all, sustainably. At the same time, we enable the bars to create new sales and presentation channels for their cocktail creations in order to increase their own brand more than third-party products."



Our unique philosophy


Since Pocket Cocktails was a product for open air purposes, we simply built one

mobile cocktail take-away cocktail bar, which had to be able to do everything a large bar could.

The goal was to show people that high-quality drinks are local to go &

Above all, staying sustainable is possible.


Children should also be allowed to treat themselves to an alcohol-free cocktail without letting their parents tell them that cocktails are only for adults. It should be available to everyone, everywhere and inspire people regardless of age, gender, professional group or origin.


In addition, pocket cocktails should be available everywhere in consistently high quality and uniformly high preparation standards. Further fixed and mobile locations are planned. In addition, external high-end cocktail bars and bartenders are won as licensees and partners to create a community that, on the one hand, wants to offer their guests a proper delivery of the drinks and, on the other hand, can jointly implement large catering solutions such as for airlines or larger sporting events.

"Pocket cocktails inspire people all over the world." The colorful drinks will only be available in selected bars, prepared during the promotion tour by the boss personally, who scores with almost a quarter of a century of experience in his craft. Weighing just 1.7 grams, we have the lightest beverage packaging in the world in store.

"The safest place for a ship is the port.

But it wasn't built for that. "