Cocktails that can be strolled together as an
alliance make it globally available.

We break through the established boundaries of bar culture and turnthe status quo of cocktails on its head. Our goal is to unite a worldwide
alliance of upscale cocktail bars from different operators under the seal of approval of the Pocket Cocktails ® brand with a unique
USP and appearance.
The limited licenses are only granted to selected professional cocktailbars in urban

hot spots worldwide.

A separate license agreement for the patented Pocket Cocktails® system protects the rights of
your members and the exclusive USP.

# brand protection


Pocket Cocktails takes brand protection very seriously. We have the idea that our brand stands for something and hope that consumers know that they can always rely on the quality when something carries our brand. We have a large portfolio of registered and unregistered trademarks worldwide, and none of these brands - or easily identifiable trademarks - may be used without the consent of Pocket Cocktails. Such violations are taken very seriously by Pocket Cocktails and legally prosecuted.

By buying counterfeit goods

  • Cheat on yourself, because you will not get the quality you are used to from Pocket Cocktails.

  • Ultimately, you also pay a higher price.

  • Support criminals and even terrorist groups who finance their activities through, inter alia, the sale of counterfeit goods. promote the production of goods under inhuman conditions and inadequate health and environmental standards.

  • Increase your own tax rate, because product pirates do not pay taxes like legitimate businesses, and in the end, the state gets the tax back from you.



Pocket Cocktails vehemently protects its absolute rights and is therefore interested in getting background informations about similar-looking products, imitations and / or counterfeits.

If the bargain is too good to be true, then it is probably a fake product. So, if you see such a product or have doubts about its authenticity, please contact us. If you found the suspicious product online on a website or sales portal, please follow this link:


We also ask you to provide your e-mail address so we can contact you as needed to get more information from you.

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